Posted: 02.02.2023 18:00:00

Peace Capsule laid in Mir Castle

A significant event has taken place in Belarus’ small town of Mir, Korelichi District: representatives of the local talented youth handed a message – that is to be opened twenty-five years later – over to the Mir Castle Complex Museum’s director

“This place has been chosen not accidentally, since 2023 was declared the Year of Peace and Creation,” Vladimir Karanik, the Chairman of the Grodno Regional Executive Committee, said at the ceremony. “This museum is an example of the richness of our history, it is a World Heritage site and a true symbol of creation. Being repeatedly destroyed during wars and becoming a place of sorrow and pain, it was invariably resurrecting. It has become as majestic as we see it today thanks to the talent and skill of our contemporaries.”

Schoolchildren and members of the Vityaz military-patriotic club thanked for the honour to keep the relic in the museum, also promising to open it at the appointed time.

“At all times, people dream of looking into the future and seeing the world of tomorrow,” young people noted. “With this in view, we want to get our reality, our values, ideals and dreams over to our descendants. We are also conveying our wishes and sincere conviction in a happy future.”