Posted: 04.03.2024 13:57:00

MP: Single Voting Day drew a line under Belarus’ political cycle

Single Voting Day was a new milestone in Belarus’ development, drawing a line under the political cycle that the country had gone through – as noted by a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Oleg Gaidukevich, in his talk with Alfa Radio

According to Mr. Gaidukevich, Belarus has entered a new political reality. “It all started in 2017, when the county held elections to local councils of deputies, and the MPs were later elected. In 2020, the life-defining presidential elections took place, and we then managed to save our country, to take it away from the abyss towards which it was being pushed. The 2022 referendum followed, and our recent Single Voting Day became the final flourish – the summing up of all the results. On that day, our people were actually electing not deputies of all levels: it was a sort of the referendum on whether Belarusians were satisfied with the evolutionary modernisation of the domestic political system or not. People voted in favour it, and their decision was confirmed by the turnout at the elections and their results. People demonstrated they wish only the evolutionary path of the country's development, they need no revolutions, wars, bloodshed or drastic changes. They said no to radical changes and destruction – proposing to create, protect the country and move forward instead. Differently speaking, Single Voting Day was a referendum on trust in the government, on the one hand, and people's approval of the evolutionary course to change the country, on the other hand.”

The MP added that the political and social landscape of the country has changed after the elections, “Everything that we have eliminated since 2020 is dead and gone forever. There are four political parties in Belarus, and they have a huge opportunity to develop and move forward during the coming five years. There are four large public organisations and other patriotic organisations in the republic, but the fifth column is dead! We have buried the latter, and the key task for now is not to let it be unearthed.”

Mr. Gaidukevich also stated that Belarus is now forming a new international reality. He recalled that a huge number of observers came to the elections on February 25th, and they – as noted by the MP – were delighted with the elections. With this in view, only one conclusion can be drawn from international observation: Belarus can teach Europe how to hold elections.

“In turn, we will learn from the countries where democracy reigns: Russia and China. There is nothing to learn from Europe. Therefore, we are inviting the EU representatives as students – so that they can come and study how elections really need to be held," the Belarusian deputy stressed.