Posted: 17.11.2022 10:08:00

Austrian opposition demands immediate lifting of anti-Russian sanctions

The leader of the right-wing Freedom Party of Austria, Herbert Kickl, urges not to waste time and lift sanctions against Russia, which primarily affect ordinary people and the country's economy, RIA Novosti reports


Mr. Kickl stressed that Austria is waging an economic war against Russia under the leadership of European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen and under the indirect command of the United States. He added that, due to anti-Russian sanctions, problems in the energy sector began in Austria, and the inflation rate accelerated even more. "Millions of people are, accordingly, fighting for survival in this country. Without these sanctions, enterprises could continue to work normally, they would never have problems, but now they have to close," Mr. Kickl said.

The politician noted that the immediate need for Austria now is to get out of these sanctions. However, the Government is making only irresponsible statements about the financing of Ukraine.

"The Republic of Austria is sinking deeper into the negative and new debts. I call such a policy not future–oriented, but irresponsible," Mr. Kickl stated.