Posted: 11.11.2023 13:49:00

Austria urged to block negotiations on Ukraine’s admission to EU

The head of the opposition right-wing conservative Austrian Freedom Party, Herbert Kickl, called on the country’s Cabinet to veto a possible decision to launch talks with Ukraine on its accession to the European Union, TASS reports with reference to the APS press service


Kickl called the intention to accept into the EU a country on whose territory hostilities are taking place ‘an act of political madness’.

“Now that the Brussels elite has already drawn the EU and <...> Austria into an economic war, incompatible with our eternal neutrality and destroying our prosperity and our economy, Ukraine’s accession to the EU would mean direct involvement in this war. Therefore, the federal government must veto these irresponsible plans in the interest of our eternal neutrality and the safety of our people,” he said.

The chairman of the Austrian party recalled the situation with elections in Ukraine, which by law cannot be held during martial law. However, Kickl believes that elections ‘are at the heart of democracy’ and a country that cannot organise them ‘can never become a member of the EU’.

Earlier, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said that now is not the time to hold elections and demanded to stop throwing this topic into society.