Posted: 29.04.2023 10:13:00

Austrian climate activists to hold ‘wave of uprising’ in May

Climate activists of the Letzte Generation movement plan to hold a major ‘wave of uprising’ in Vienna in May, with an aim of putting pressure on the Austrian authorities and forcing them to take measures to protect the climate, RIA Novosti reports


A representative of Letzte Generation’s Austrian branch commented, “The purpose of the uprising is to exert political pressure to force the government to take the first simple measures of protection in the face of a climate catastrophe: for example, to limit the speed on highways to 100 km/h, to stop state subsidies for drilling of fossil oil and gas deposits and to impose a ban on new drilling of oil and gas wells.”

Activists are demanding that the government adhere to the climate goals that it has set for itself. So far, Austria is not fulfilling them, the source added.