Posted: 11.09.2023 16:48:00

Poll: most Austrians believe anti-Russian sanctions harm EU

More than half (54 percent) of Austrian citizens are confident that the sanctions imposed against Russia are hitting the European Union – according to the data of a survey conducted by the Insa Sociological Institute commissioned by the Exxpress portal, TASS reports


According to 12 percent of respondents, the restrictions benefit the EU itself; another 21 percent of those polled believe that sanctions do not affect the EU in any way. However, the study does not directly address the question of whether Austrians are ready to put up with the consequences of the restrictions and whether they should be lifted.

The Exxpress recalls that in April 2023 the share of critics of sanctions was smaller and amounted to 41 percent. The survey was conducted on September 4th–7th, covering 1,000 respondents.

The current government of Austria, as TASS reports, claims that it plans to support the sanctions course of Brussels.