Posted: 05.01.2023 10:41:00

About 15 anticancer drugs registered in Belarus over past decade

Production of complex high-tech anticancer drugs has been established in Belarus – as noted by Svetlana Babitskaya, from the National Academy of Sciences’ KhimPharmSintez Scientific-Practical Centre

“A facility producing high-tech anticancer medicines operates in Belarus, and these drugs are, definitely, effective. After all, the so-called gold standard drugs are chosen when a production line is being prepared. Medicines of the 2nd and 3rd generation and, as a rule, targeted ones are taken; they are recognised and used in treatment protocols around the world. Let me remind you that each disease has its own treatment protocol,” the specialist explained.

As noted by Ms. Babitskaya, Belarus has made a great progress in this sphere. “Around 15 drugs against various tumours have been registered over the past ten years in the country, and we are able to satisfy not only Belarus’ needs with regard to the medicines we produce. If registered beyond the country or if there is an interested partner, we can successfully export them,” she noted.