Canadian Defence Ministry: Ottawa trained 36,000+ Ukrainian military

... .com According to Ms. Anand, Canada does not intend to stop ... the beginning of last year, Canada has sent 155mm M777 howitzers ...

canada , Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spoke of gross interference of the US, the UK and Canada in Russia’s internal affairs

... States, the United Kingdom and Canada have been summoned to the ... States, the United Kingdom and Canada have been summoned to the ... the UK, the US and Canada after the verdict of publicist ...

russia , foreign ministry , canada , uk , USA

Brazil to resume visa requirements for tourists from US, Australia, Canada and Japan

... previously allowed tourists from Australia, Canada, the United States and Japan ... unilaterally allowed tourists from Australia, Canada, the United States and Japan ...

Brazil , USA , Japan , Australia , canada , visas

First Canadian Leopard 2 arrived in Poland for further transportation to Ukraine

The first Canadian Leopard 2 tank, which is intended for Ukraine, has arrived in Poland – as informed by Canada’s Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand, TASS reports Photo: According to Ms. Anand, Canada and other allies will soon start training Ukrainian military to use these vehicles. As previously reported, Ottawa intends to transfer four Leopard 2 battle tanks to Kiev. Some other Western countries also plan to send tanks to Ukraine.

canada , Ukraine , tanks

Canada to send military engineers to Poland to train Ukrainian Armed Forces

Canada will send dozens of military ... As explained by Canada’s Minister of National Defence ...

canada , ukraine , poland

Lukashenko: Belarus ready to resume constructive work with Canada for two nations’ benefit

... congratulations to the people of Canada on the occasion of the ... future to all residents of Canada.

Lukashenko , Canada , congratulation

Canada, Denmark reached settlement over disputed Hans Island

Canada and Denmark have resolved their ... , during negotiations between Denmark and Canada on the maritime border. The ...

canada , denmark , hans island

Canada confirmed its training of Ukrainian military for seven years

As stated by Canada’s Ambassador to Ukraine, Larisa ... have already been trained by Canada’s armed forces; the latter ... already received lethal weapons from Canada, in addition to satellite intelligence ... , Ms. Galadza stressed that since Canada does not own the weapons ... be found’. The authorities of Canada, the United States and the ...

canada , Ukraine

Canada unable to save Europe after refusing Russian energy

... “The idea of Canada saving Europe with its energy ... from Russia. As he noted, Canada produces about 6m, but it ... to be hardly achievable. Although Canada's gas industry is better ...

canada , europe , russia

Ottawa Mayor declared state of emergency due to truckers’ protests

... ; Mr. Watson said in a comment to CP24 TV channel. According ... ) have been going on in Canada since the end of January ...

canada , protests , coronavirus

Shpakovsky: Canadian truckers oppose segregation of people

... came out to protest in Canada are not against vaccines but ... to resolve the situation in Canada, or – oven more so – renounce ... incomprehensible additional documents, and citizens cannot manage their own health there ... . Naturally, this cannot but cause a protest in ... . Perhaps, the current situation in Canada is by far the largest ...

shpakovsky , canada , opinion

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