Honda to invest $11bn in production of electric vehicles in Canada

... electric car service network in Canada.

Honda , canada , Japan

Niger plans to revoke Canadian company’s uranium mining license

Ecofin agency reported that the government of the Republic of Niger is going to revoke the license to mine uranium ore from the Canadian company GoviEx, TASS reports photo: It is noted that since the Canadian company was issued a mining license in 2015, Niger is still awaiting the promised start of uranium ore mining there. The authorities have said they will revoke the license if production does not begin by June 3rd, 2024. In line with Article 39 of the Niger Mining Code, the ...

Niger , Canada , uranium , Africa

Canadian company mined 9+ tonnes of gold in Africa in Q1 2024

Canada-based Barrick Gold – the world’ ...

Africa , gold , Canada , extraction

European NATO allies, Canada increased military spending by $600bn since 2014

... European members of NATO and Canada have increased their military spending ... countries of the alliance and Canada have increased military spending by ...

nato , canada

FM: Belarus negatively assesses Canada’s refusal to extradite former SS soldier to Russia

The refusal of the Canadian government to extradite Yaroslav Hunka (Gunko), a former soldier of the Waffen SS Division Galicia, to Russia is viewed very negatively in Belarus – as stated by Belarusian Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson Anatoly Glaz “The Foreign Ministry of Belarus was one of the first to react to the outrageous honouring of this Nazi criminal in the Canadian Parliament. We continue to monitor this situation closely, and we will not drop this issue. We believe that this is not an ...

Belarus , Foreign Ministry , Glaz , Canada

Russia sent request to Canada for extradition of former SS trooper Hunka (Gunko)

... to the competent authorities of Canada.” According to the diplomat, the ... that Moscow had demanded that Canada extradite Hunka. Before that, the ... meeting of the Parliament of Canada. Among those invited to that ... the House of Commons of Canada, assumed responsibility for inviting the ...

russia , canada , Ukraine , nazism , zelenskyy

Growing number of Canadians in new survey say their country providing too much aid to Ukraine

... of those who believe that Canada is not doing enough has ... the future and what role Canada will play in it. In ... percent of respondents answered that Canada should support Ukraine ‘as long ... respondents voted that they want Canada to end support for Kiev ...

Canada , Ukraine , aid

Canada's Ambassador to US urged Ottawa to establish relations with Trump team

... .com Ms. Hillman believes that Canada should establish relations with Donald ... the importance of America as Canada's closest economic partner and ... everything possible to ensure that Canada is best prepared to shift ...

usa , canada , Trump

Number of assisted deaths jumped 31.2% in Canada

Canada has published data saying that ...

Canada , medical assistance in dying

Only zero-emission vehicles to be sold in Canada from 2035

... engines will be ceased in Canada. Last year, Canadian PM Justin ...


CBC: cost to protect Canadian PM reached highest level in past two decades

Ensuring the safety of Canadian Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, and his family cost at least 32.5m Canadian Dollars (about $23.5m) in the past fiscal year, which was a record for the last 20 years, TASS reports with reference to the CBC TV channel PHOTO: WWW.REUTERS.COM According to CBC, this amount includes the costs of protecting the Head of State and his close relatives by employees of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The Prime Minister's security is also provided by other services and ...

canada , Trudeau

Trudeau changed his mind about apologising for Nazi scandal

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decided to shift all responsibility for honouring a former Nazi SS member, Yaroslav Hunka (Gunka), from himself to the former Speaker of the House of Commons, Anthony Rota, and changed his mind about apologising, RIA Novosti reports Photo: Speaking in Parliament, Mr. Trudeau said that it was recognised by everyone that the incident was a serious oversight on the part of Mr. Rote, “While we are deciding who will be the next Speaker, I know ...

Trudeau , canada , nazi

Belarus’ Foreign Ministry called for international legal and moral assessment of Nazi invitation to Canadian Parliament

... policy of the authorities of Canada and a number of countries ... , Vladimir Katryuk, who lived in Canada for more than 60 years ...

foreign ministry , Belarus , canada , nazism

Canada to give $24m to Ukraine for air defence systems

... Ukraine with air defence systems. “Canada is investing C$33m in ...

Canada , Ukraine , air defence

Canadian farmers to reap 14% less wheat than expected due to drought

... last year. It would be Canada’s second-smallest canola crop ... western part of the country. Canada is one of the world ...

Canada , wheat , canola , harvest

New York is now worst city in the word in terms of air quality due to fires in Canada

... worsened due to fires in Canada. As of June 8th, the ... fires that enveloped the city, Canada recorded the worst air quality ... . Wildfires have been raging in Canada in recent weeks. By June ... fires. Two hundred of them cannot be controlled at the moment ...

new york , fire , canada

Canadian Defence Ministry: Ottawa trained 36,000+ Ukrainian military

... .com According to Ms. Anand, Canada does not intend to stop ... the beginning of last year, Canada has sent 155mm M777 howitzers ...

canada , Ukraine

Russian Foreign Ministry spoke of gross interference of the US, the UK and Canada in Russia’s internal affairs

... States, the United Kingdom and Canada have been summoned to the ... States, the United Kingdom and Canada have been summoned to the ... the UK, the US and Canada after the verdict of publicist ...

russia , foreign ministry , canada , uk , USA

Brazil to resume visa requirements for tourists from US, Australia, Canada and Japan

... previously allowed tourists from Australia, Canada, the United States and Japan ... unilaterally allowed tourists from Australia, Canada, the United States and Japan ...

Brazil , USA , Japan , Australia , canada , visas

First Canadian Leopard 2 arrived in Poland for further transportation to Ukraine

The first Canadian Leopard 2 tank, which is intended for Ukraine, has arrived in Poland – as informed by Canada’s Minister of National Defence, Anita Anand, TASS reports Photo: According to Ms. Anand, Canada and other allies will soon start training Ukrainian military to use these vehicles. As previously reported, Ottawa intends to transfer four Leopard 2 battle tanks to Kiev. Some other Western countries also plan to send tanks to Ukraine.

canada , Ukraine , tanks

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