The facets of social justice

... inequality, ideas of restoring social justice by openly rebelling against the ... on the level of social justice. Too large a gap between ...

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Opinion: Belarus developing relations on the basis of justice

... relations on the basis of justice, unlike the collective West, which ... is very difficult to fight justice, since it is based on ... of the inner core of justice that exists in every person ... that money ends sometime, while justice is endless,” he said.

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Sergei Khomenko appointed Belarus’ Justice Minister

... interior minister, has been appointed Justice Minister – following a personnel decision ... Lukashenko addressed the newly appointed Justice Minister. “Clearly, it’s an ... are many people in the Justice Ministry who have connected their ... good, strong lawyers in the Justice Ministry. In the near future ... will be overseen by the Justice Ministry. I can tell you ... experience of work with the Justice Ministry make no sense. We ...

Lukashenko , justice

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