Posted: 05.06.2023 10:49:00

Andreichenko: democracy in its Western interpretation lost its essence as power of the nation

The majority of international political institutions have not been independent for a long time – as noted by Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Vladimir Andreichenko in an interview with SB. Belarus Segodnya

The Speaker of the House of Representatives stressed, “Democracy in its Western interpretation has lost its essence as the power of the nation and has become a means of promoting the interests of supranational structures. To achieve their own goals, ‘developed democracies’ do not disdain anything: deceit, blackmail, bribery, manipulation, coercion, sanctions, use of force. The absence of resistance, control of financial flows, the information sphere and international structures gave Western politicians confidence in their own exclusivity and lack of jurisdiction, forming an omnipotence complex and turning the West into a global parasite. The fear of losing the right to plunder the whole world pushes it to escalate contradictions and crimes. Hence the stream of accusations against states pursuing an independent policy, as well as attempts to arrogate to themselves the right to assess the level of democracy on a planetary scale.”

According to Vladimir Andreichenko, under these conditions, the main qualities of the Belarusian statehood – honesty and social justice – are of particular importance, “The government fulfils all its obligations, acting in the interests of the people and bringing the most important issues for public discussion. This is the essence of true democracy, the unity of the people and power, enabling to overcome all obstacles, to successfully resist economic and information pressure, to ensure the preservation of national identity and culture, and to create conditions for the development and prosperity of the state and its citizens. If we are bitten by Internet garbage dumps and biased media, if pro-Western international structures are accused, this means that we are on the right track.”