Posted: 26.02.2024 11:40:00

Russian President congratulated Aleksandr Lukashenko on successful holding of Single Voting Day

Russian President Vladimir Putin has congratulated President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko on the successful holding of the Single Voting Day and the confident victory of the Belarusian patriotic forces, the Kremlin press service reports

The Russian President noted that the high voter turnout and the results of the people’s will clearly confirm broad support for the course pursued under Aleksandr Lukashenko’s leadership ‘for the harmonious socio-economic development of Belarus, ensuring internal political stability and promoting mutually beneficial integration processes within the Union State’.

“We expect that the new people’s representatives in the House of Representatives of the National Assembly and local councils at various levels will interact fruitfully with their Russian colleagues within the framework of interparliamentary dialogue and multifaceted interregional ties,” Vladimir Putin underlined.

He also wished the Belarusian leader strong health, prosperity and success in his government activities.