Posted: 05.03.2024 09:26:00

No radical scenario will work in Belarus

On February 25th, the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, took part in the voting in the elections of deputies to the House of Representatives and local councils, casting his vote at polling station No. 478 located at the Belarusian State University of Physical Culture

The President greeted the observers and members of the election commission, received the ballots, filled them out in a voting booth and dropped them into a ballot box. Aleksandr Lukashenko traditionally talked to journalists afterwards. During his conversation with journalists the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko, said he would participate in the presidential elections as a candidate next year.
Commenting on the journalist's statement that this topic was actively promoted by the destructive media, the President noted, “Tell them I definitely will [run for President]. Moreover, I will run for President more actively the more complicated the situation is, the more actively they disturb our society and you as well (for me, believe me, it is very important: no person, no responsible President will abandon his people who followed him into battle), the more they strain you, me and society. Do not worry. We will do what is necessary for Belarus.”
Answering the clarifying question whether these words can be perceived as an unambiguous statement, and whether a new electoral cycle has already begun, the Head of State stressed, “I have already said a lot that this is an electoral cycle, that we will continue to be rocked until the presidential elections, and that the latter will become the apogee of everything. This is already the cycle — officially or not, and the answer depends on the question. I answer the way I have been asked. If it is necessary to specify, then I will say absolutely seriously and sincerely: I can say nothing new yet. There is still a year to go before the presidential elections, and a lot can change. Of course, I and all
of us, our society and journalists will react to the changes taking place in our society and the situation we will approach the 2025 elections with.”
The President added that his current thoughts are focused on other issues, “I am thinking of how to make this Year
of Quality strong and resultful, so that — even if the current President does not participate in the elections as a candidate — you remember it. Everything that happens in the last moment is always remembered. Therefore, this year will be very active, and I am guiding our society and government — which has worked honestly and conscientiously and will work in the same manner until the elections — at this.”

In his talk with media representatives Head of State Aleksandr Lukashenko named main qualities for the President
of Belarus. Answering a question from a Russian journalist about the qualities a Belarusian leader — for whom we should vote in the future — must possess, Aleksandr Lukashenko said, “I know that many officials don’t like me, because I strictly demand that at least our agreements and the decisions made by the President be fulfilled. If they are not fulfilled, then the entire structure of power will collapse and society will drown. Yes, I understand this perfectly well. Probably, not all journalists like me because of my character and so on. However, the good thing is that journalists, and then society, thanks to these journalists, begin to understand that Lukashenko said something, strictly demanded this and later it turned out that he was right.”
The President cited the fight against coronavirus as an example. At the beginning of the pandemic and at its height,
not everyone supported the Belarusian leader’s actions. At that time, the whole world was moving in a different direction, introducing lockdowns, closing factories and enterprises. Afterwards it turned out that the decisions by Aleksandr Lukashenko were optimal.
“This is my job: to sit and to think... Using my experience and knowledge, I have to predict. If the president does not have this, there is no point in doing this. Therefore, this is the main quality of the president. 
Of course, there must be iron intuition. Most importantly, you must always remember where you came from and remember that ten million people and three million who come here on vacation are people to whom you owe. The president owes them,” said the Head of State.
None of the scenarios of the seizure of power in Belarus, even the most radical one, will work, stated the President of Belarus, Aleksandr Lukashenko. Earlier, the Head of State already noted that the fugitive representatives of the Belarusian fifth column and their curators from the Western special services are considering three scenarios for the destruction of Belarus: two of them envisage tough actions timed to the electoral campaigns, and the third one is to be long lasting.
Aleksandr Lukashenko commented on the key point of these plans, “It does not actually matter whether they will play for long or for short: there is only one goal — to turn Belarus into the opposite direction, but to do it, the current government needs to be overthrown. It will be very difficult, I am convinced — especially after the Single Voting Day and our elections. We will elect absolutely reliable, smart people who understand the tasks our people are faced with. Therefore, none of their scenarios, even the most radical ones, will work in Belarus. We are able to draw conclusions from our previous mistakes, so they have nothing to hope for.

 According to the press service of the President of the Republic of Belarus