Posted: 26.02.2024 02:05:00

CEC updated preliminary data on turnout: it stood at 73.09%

The Central Election Commission of Belarus has updated preliminary data on voter turnout on the Single Voting Day, which stood at 73.09 percent – as reported by the CEC in its Telegram channel

According to the CEC, the Brest Region registered 75.82 percent of voters while 75.63 percent voted in the Vitebsk Region. 75.85 percent of voters came to the polls in the Gomel Region and 76.90 percent did the same in the Grodno Region. The voter turnout in the Minsk Region was 74.20 percent while that in the Mogilev Region was 77.03 percent. 61.54 percent of Minsk residents voted in the capital.

According to the preliminary election results, all 1,284 local councils of deputies have been formed in their authorised composition, including: 6 regional and the Minsk city council, 118 district councils, 10 urban councils of regional subordination, 14 urban councils of district subordination, 8 town councils and 1,127 rural ones.