Posted: 26.02.2024 14:00:00

CIS mission observer: Belarus is example for Russia in many ways

Nikolai Burlyaev, an international observer from the CIS observation mission, shared his impressions about Belarus’ Single Voting Day

“I visited nine polling stations on February 25th, and I saw the atmosphere of joy and celebration there. Children were dancing, and songs – pleasingly, right – were being sung. I talked to those who worked with documents, who handed ballots out to citizens, and also with ordinary people. Importantly, they demonstrated complete unanimity. Some figures in opposition probably concealed themselves, but people were choosing their future. Most likely, they intuitively understood that it was not only about the victory of the Belarusian spirit, so to speak, but about Belarus and statehood. In general, that was about Russia as well, because Belarusians are in many ways an example for Russia. It is a great merit that Aleksandr Lukashenko managed to preserve Belarus, did not let it be rocked and alien trends come here," Mr. Burlyaev said.