Posted: 27.02.2024 09:34:00

Russian FM: Moscow stands in solidarity with high assessment of observers to Belarus’ elections

Russia stands in solidarity with the international observers’ high assessments of the organisation of voting during the elections of deputies in Belarus, reports with reference to Russia’s Foreign Ministry


It is informed that the missions of the CIS, the SCO, the parliamentary assemblies of the CIS and the CSTO, other international structures, independent observers from most of the member countries of the above-mentioned organisations, as well as from Bulgaria, Germany, Poland, Serbia, France, Switzerland and other states have recognised that the elections in Belarus met national legislation and international standards.

The Foreign Ministry noted that Russia welcomes the successful holding of Single Voting Day in Belarus and respects the sovereign will of Belarusian citizens, the vast majority of whom came to the polling stations.

The Russian Foreign Ministry also condemned attempts by the West and the emigrant opposition to destabilise the situation in the republic, stating that all this is another evidence of the ongoing policy of outright interference by Westerners in the internal affairs of sovereign Belarus.

The Russian diplomatic department also confirmed its determination to work closely with the Belarusian people's deputies to further expand interparliamentary and interregional ties, strengthen friendship and co-operation between fraternal peoples, deepen integration within the framework of the Union State, the EAEU, the CSTO, and the CIS.