Posted: 23.02.2024 15:33:00

Expert: European security system needs restart

Events in the West indicate that international law no longer works, since many military processes could have been limited by an arms treaty, which Europe, apparently, forgot – as noted by Director General of Belarus’ National Library Vadim Gigin in his talk with Alfa Radio, commenting why the West abandons international law

“There is no right. They are now talking about the so-called rules that are changing,” the expert is convinced. “What do they offer? Actually, they offer us to live in a world where they – the ‘godfathers’ – live according to their own concepts, which can change depending on their moods, goals and objectives. This is called ‘lawlessness’ in the same world. We are not going to live according to their criminal concepts. As far as the arms treaty is concerned, it has actually died, as has the organisation that is closely associated with it: the Organisation for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Our deputies still go to its Parliamentary Assembly out of habit, though we must say openly that this organisation does not fulfil its function, it is not needed and is dead. There is no need to be afraid of this.”

The experts underlined that we need a restart of the European security system, “Moreover, this concept is already outdated. We must rather talk about Eurasian security. All these definitions by politicians who talk about the space from Lisbon to Vladivostok are a concept that determines new security parameters. What is European security now? Where is this from and where? As Annalena Baerbock stated: from Lisbon to Lugansk? There can be no European security in its old form. We can talk about Eurasian security, which includes the entire territory of the Russian Federation, which, as we know, stretches beyond the Ural Mountains in the Asian part. Therefore, only Eurasian security, common parameters, and legal frameworks that we will adopt will determine this new world.”

Vadim Gigin explained that if we talk about negotiations on Ukraine, they will not be purely Russian-Ukrainian, “These talks can only take place with the participation of a wide range of countries, which will determine new conditions for the peaceful existence of our continent. This will be co-existence; we are returning this term. We will have different political models and views on this world, and the West will never again be able to impose its views on us. It is not the Zelenskyy regime and its generals that are being defeated in Ukraine now; it is NATO. Without this alliance no Armed Forces of Ukraine exist. They are really losing and try to shift the blame onto each other. But this is not what they need to do, although they will apparently have to go through this process; They must look for new parameters of the world that will be a little different from what they imagine.”