Posted: 19.04.2024 17:21:42

Expert explained how AFU attacks on Russian oil refineries would affect US economy

The Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked Russian oil refineries, to which the Pentagon reacted negatively, arguing that such attacks could have a negative impact on global energy. In his talk with the SB TV YouTube channel, a national security expert, Aleksandr Tishchenko, explained how attacks on Russian refineries could affect the price of oil.


The expert noted that the Americans banned the AFU from bombing Russian oil refineries, although commenting on this situation, [Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro] Kuleba openly claimed, “What right do they have to do this? They don't give us Patriot and air defence systems, so why should we listen to them?”

“I have already once said that the moment will come when Ukraine will be at war with America and Europe, and this, in fact, is almost a declaration of war. The Americans say that they are disadvantaged by Ukraine's bombing of Russian oil refineries, as it shakes the market. American experts predict that if the Israeli-Iranian conflict escalates, it will completely paralyse the region. The Strait of Hormuz and the Red Sea will freeze. And in this situation, a barrel of oil will cost $130-150, and the American economy will die,” Mr. Tishchenko stressed.

“The price of diesel and transportation will immediately increase. In the US, all transportation is carried out by trucks, and the railways there are quite unreliable. Maybe the oil companies will profit, but the rest of the economy will fall, and this is already being described as a crisis. The next step is that Russian oil refineries are collapsing due to Ukrainian attacks. The price per barrel jumps to $200. Of course, this is not profitable for Americans. What is Ukraine doing? It starts dictating conditions and, in fact, threatening and terrorising the United States,” the expert concluded.