Kremlin representative: US ‘does not forget itself’, benefitting from assistance to Ukraine

... different modalities to continue providing aid to Ukraine. In any case ... ,” Mr. Peskov added. “And any [aid] regimes first of all ensure ...

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Growing number of Canadians in new survey say their country providing too much aid to Ukraine

A quarter of Canadian citizens are confident that the country provides too much assistance to the Kiev regime. This figure has almost doubled compared to May 2022, according to the survey results, RIA Novost i reports. photo: The survey was conducted by the Angus Reid Institute, which conducts research and surveys on topics relevant to Canadians. “A quarter of Canadians (25 percent) believe their country is offering ‘too much support’ to Ukraine – up from 13 percent who said ...

Canada , Ukraine , aid

US no longer has funds to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine

... Erin McKee noted that humanitarian aid to Ukraine may stop without ... number of recipients of humanitarian aid by 75 percent or even ...

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Sweden said it will allocate $490m to Ukraine for its restoration

... which $1.67bn is military aid.

Sweden , Ukraine , aid , restoration

Netherlands earmarks another 60m Euros to Ukraine reconstruction fund

T he Netherlands has decided to make a new contribution of 60m Euros to the Ukraine Relief, Recovery, Reconstruction and Reform Trust Fund (URTF) – as noted by the Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development Co-operation Liesje Schreinemacher, RIA Novosti reports photo: According to the head of the department, the corresponding decision was announced at the spring meeting of the World Bank. “The Netherlands will make a new contribution of 60m Euros to the Ukraine Relief, ...

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US announces $325m in new arms aid for Ukraine

... to allocate new $325m military aid package to Ukraine which will ... will announce a new military aid package for Ukraine. It will ...

US , Ukraine , aid

Ambassador: Belarus strongly supported Syria immediately after the earthquake

... ago, we received your humanitarian aid, and Belarusian military doctors are ...

syria , earthquake , aid

Germany blocks €9bn EU aid package for Ukraine

... the allocation of 9bn Euro aid package to Kiev, which was ... claims that the blocking of aid is causing irritation and nervousness ...

Germany , Ukraine , aid

Refugees get assistance

Our country welcomes those fleeing the fighting zone in Ukraine We have always advocated and continue to advocate for the peaceful settlement of all conflicts. The proof is that Belarus has for the past eight years been and remains now the venue for Russian-Ukrainian negotiations. Refugees from Ukraine reached the sanatorium in Gomel Region A number of meetings of delegations from Russia and Ukraine that took place in the Gomel and Brest Regions are behind. The participants failed to agree on ...

Belarus , Ukraine , military conflict , refugees , aid

Belarus supplies humanitarian aid to Syria

Belarus has delivered humanitarian aid to Syria – as informed by ... A ceremony of the humanitarian aid acceptance took place at the ... Belarus not only supplies humanitarian aid to Syria but also accepts ... and departments to which humanitarian aid will be distributed. A part ...

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