Posted: 22.04.2024 11:04:00

Thousands of people rallied in Greece against military plans of US, NATO and EU

Thousands protested against the military plans of the US, NATO and the EU near the Greek Ministry of National Defence, RIA Novosti reports

RIA Novosti video screenshot

The details of the action are provided on the information website of the Greek Communist Party (KKE)

The march began in the city of Marathon, where the race over a distance of 42.195km starts annually.

At first, several hundred people took part in the demonstration, but as they progressed, other people joined the action. As a result, a column consisting of several thousand protesters arrived at the ministry.

According to the Internet portal, thousands of protesters joyfully greeted the column near the Defence Ministry, chanting ‘Neither land nor water for murderers of nations’ and ‘Give money for healthcare and education, not for NATO headquarters’.

The demonstrators also showed solidarity with the people of Palestine and demanded to stop the bloodshed in the Gaza Strip. Mass actions were also organised in other Greek cities.