Opinion: Lithuanian politicians trying to make supporters of the Nazis out of their people

The demolition of Soviet monuments in Lithuania is a betrayal ... be completely cleansed of Soviet monuments and symbols. According to Mr ... regime, “They [Lithuanian authorities] demolish monuments, but they should bear responsibility ... 1941. When they demolish Soviet monuments, they mean that Lithuanians are ... . Therefore, by demolishing these Soviet monuments, politicians recognise themselves not only ... expert stressed that, by demolishing monuments, Lithuanians spit in their history ...

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About 300 Soviet monuments to be demolished in Estonia

... dismantle most of the Soviet monuments, and their list has been ... – explained to ERR, “Soviet-era monuments from the list prepared by ... him, 133 out of 322 monuments and tombstones with Soviet symbols ... the question of how many monuments will be completely destroyed and ...

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Come and see

... are cynically cracking down on monuments designed to preserve the historical ... bloody years. There are many monuments — silent witnesses of those events ...

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Live, old chap!

... , castles, temples, churches and other monuments of architecture A lot of ... . As a result, hundreds of monuments of architecture have been restored ... Church in Polotsk is underway. Monuments of architecture of the 18th ... of Nesvizh’ renovation project. — What monuments of architecture will be put ... year, among the most iconic monuments of architecture put into operation ... , Kirov District. — There are 1804 monuments of architecture in our country ...

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