Belarus, Hungary discussed co-operation in nuclear energy

... -operation in the field of nuclear energy, “In fact, an additional platform ... practices in the development of nuclear energy infrastructure.” Peter Szijjártó noted ...

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Expert explained in what spheres the research reactor may be used

Aleksei Lukashevich, Deputy Director General for Research at the Joint Institute for Power and Nuclear Research Sosny of the Belarusian National Academy of Sciences, on the spheres of the research reactor application, BELTA reports “There are 840 research reactors built in 70 countries, 225 of which are now in operation in 54 countries. This number of countries exceeds those with power reactors. Thus, even countries that do not have nuclear power are engaged in research in this area,” noted ...

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IAEA: in a few years, dozens countries to be equipped with nuclear power

A dozen countries are expected to start producing electricity from nuclear power sources within the next few years – as noted by International Atomic Energy Association (IAEA) Director General Rafael Mariano Grossi, Reuters reports photo: To achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement under the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, according to IAEA calculations, it is necessary to double the number of nuclear reactors in the world – currently at about 400 units. “We ...

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Peaceful charge for the economy

... what will the use of nuclear energy give to Belarus On November ... increase in the share of nuclear energy in the global energy balance ... due to the fact that nuclear energy has zero direct CO2 emissions ... all types of clean generation. Nuclear energy is another artificial high-tech ... industries. Also, the development of nuclear energy plays a vital role in ...

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Expert said in future AI could become greater threat than nuclear weapons

... a need for this. Comparing nuclear energy and AI, this metaphor itself ... nuclear weapons or nuclear energy. The difference is that nuclear energy is presented in ...

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Russia, Hungary agree on construction schedule for Paks-2 NPP

... never support sanctions against Russian nuclear energy, no matter what EU package ... ’ll never support sanctions against nuclear energy.” The Minister of Foreign Affairs ... there are no sanctions against nuclear energy.

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By late 2023, about 25% of electricity in Belarus will be generated by Belarusian NPP

This was announced by Director General of the Rosatom State Corporation Aleksei Likhachev before his meeting with Belarus’ PM Roman Golovchenko “According to the calculations by Rosatom and the Energy Ministry of Belarus, about 25 percent of the electricity in the country at the end of the year will be generated by the Belarusian NPP. This means that not only Great Britain and Canada, but also Russia and the USA will remain far behind. Belarus will overtake them all in terms of the share of ...

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IAEA notes growing demand for nuclear energy in the world

... the world are turning towards nuclear energy as a clean and reliable ...

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Dapkiunas: Belarus keen to develop efficient interaction with IAEA

... importance of the contribution of nuclear energy and non-energy applications of ... ’ support for efforts to position nuclear energy as a safe, sustainable and ... the implementation of the national nuclear energy programme, Belarus has been and ... experience in the field of nuclear energy use, Belarus is willing to ... experience in the development of nuclear energy infrastructure. The head of the ... expanding the peaceful use of nuclear energy and expressed interest in developing ...

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Expert explains why EU closes its NPPs in favour of green technologies of dubious effectiveness

... continue the policy of curtailing nuclear energy in favour of alternative, but ... his opinion on this issue. “Nuclear energy is one of the most ... of any country that uses nuclear energy. Without nuclear power plants, economic ... plants; moreover, they are developing nuclear energy in every possible way.” The ...

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Lugovskaya: IAEA missions confirmed Belarus' compliance with requirements before start of NPP operation

... formation of an entire industry: nuclear energy – as noted by Olga Lugovskaya ... formation of an entire industry: nuclear energy," she stressed. There are ...

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Hungarian Foreign Ministry: Budapest will oppose even minimal sanctions on Russia's nuclear sector

... minimal sanctions against the Russian nuclear energy sector, RIA Novosti reports Photo ... European countries that also use nuclear energy.

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Iran wants to co-operate with Russia in the field of nuclear energy

... types of energy, including peaceful nuclear energy, certainly arouses great interest and ...

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Belarusian cut diamonds

From biotechnology and nuclear energy to space exploration: the successful ...

Belarus , economy , biotechnology , nuclear energy , space , medicine , electric transport , weapons

Belarus joined special pool of states due to construction of its own NPP

... of states. The use of nuclear energy is a big step in ... of the life cycle of nuclear energy facilities; distribution and strengthening of ...

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Belarusian students’ video named best in Eastern Europe at IAEA competition

... Belarusian transport due to cheap nuclear energy as a contribution to solving ...

nuclear energy , competition , university

Belarus, Russia agree on co-operation in the field of transportation of nuclear materials

... programme in the field of nuclear energy approved by the heads of ...

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Ready to welcome IAEA missions

... the implementation of the national nuclear energy programme. By late 2021, two ...

nuclear energy

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