Posted: 17.10.2023 10:39:00

By late 2023, about 25% of electricity in Belarus will be generated by Belarusian NPP

This was announced by Director General of the Rosatom State Corporation Aleksei Likhachev before his meeting with Belarus’ PM Roman Golovchenko

“According to the calculations by Rosatom and the Energy Ministry of Belarus, about 25 percent of the electricity in the country at the end of the year will be generated by the Belarusian NPP. This means that not only Great Britain and Canada, but also Russia and the USA will remain far behind. Belarus will overtake them all in terms of the share of nuclear electricity.”

Aleksei Likhachev noted that one of the main topics of conversation in the Government is the second power unit of the Belarusian NPP, “It is in pilot-industrial operation. A large battery of power and reliability testing was completed last week. The final test is a comprehensive testing or using the unit at the maximum possible power for two weeks. The results are extremely positive. We carried out these tests in exactly the same way as we conduct similar tests at Russian stations. We’re very pleased with the results of this work.”

He noted that during the construction of the BelNPP, all the best technologies were used, all elements of the production system of the Rosatom State Corporation, “At the same time, Belarusian builders took a very active part, and we assigned the maximum possible amount of work related to both general construction and commissioning work to Belarusian organisations. We’re very pleased with the results of this co-operation.”

Rosatom’s Director General also recalled that the first power unit has already generated over 18 billion kWh – a very serious contribution to the country’s energy supply and energy sovereignty, “We’re proud of it. It is impossible not to look at the global aspect of this issue. Undoubtedly, the BelNPP has attracted the attention of the entire global nuclear family, such as the IAEA, and specialists from all over the world. It is extremely rare on the planet now that power units are put into operation. Even less often they are introduced under the export scheme. This year, only Belarusians can boast that the most modern and safe unit on the planet was built and put into operation under the export scheme.”

Aleksei Likhachev also noted that the Russian state corporation has proposals for the Government of our country on a number of other innovative technologies, “These are non-energy nuclear technologies, composites, 3D printing and 3D printers, work on energy storage devices. Our energy storage devices and charging batteries are already being delivered at an accelerated pace to Belarusian automobile enterprises.”