Posted: 12.10.2023 15:00:00

IAEA notes growing demand for nuclear energy in the world

More and more countries around the world are turning towards nuclear energy as a clean and reliable source of energy to solve problems of energy security and climate change – as noted by IAEA Deputy Director General Mikhail Chudakov, according to the information published by the Belarusian Energy Ministry in its Telegram channel


From the recently published IAEA forecast on the future of the nuclear industry, it follows that by 2050, the world’s nuclear power capacity will increase by more than 2.5 times: from just over 300 to 890GW.

“This is a rather ambitious goal, which involves the annual commissioning of 20 nuclear power plant units,” underlined Mikhail Chudakov.

He noted that some countries that previously announced the decommissioning of their nuclear power plants have revised their decisions, including Belgium, Switzerland, Scotland and others.

“They changed their approaches in a timely manner, currently modernising existing nuclear power plants and intending to build new facilities,” added the IAEA Deputy Director General.

While developed countries can ensure the implementation of such large-scale projects as the construction of nuclear power plants, in developing countries the existing infrastructure often does not allow this.

“So, they are thinking about creating small modular reactors. This also refers to African countries,” Mikhail Chudakov noted.