German Deutsche Bank economists predict long and deep recession in Europe

... previous forecast of a mild recession in Europe, which was previously ... expect a longer and deeper recession, RIA Novosti reports. Photo: www ... in July for a mild recession this winter is now too ... foresee a longer and deeper recession.” According to the publication, experts ...

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Bloomberg: probability of recession in Eurozone in the coming year has reached 80%

According to the economists’ forecast, the likelihood of an economic downturn in the Eurozone for two straight quarters in the next twelve months has reached 80 percent, TASS reports Photo: According to Bloomberg, experts did not rule out that inflation may peak at 9.6 percent in the final three months of the year. At the same time, earlier the Head of the European Central Bank (ECB), Christine Lagarde, said that the goal of the regulator is to return inflation to 2 percent. ...

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Spiegel: German economy to face ‘tragedy in five acts’

... German economy is falling into recession, which in the long run ... name to describe this drama – recession. And it looks like the ...

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Motivation for us Recession for the West

... would periodically experience certain crises, recessions, but it would transform and ...

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Media: 70% of American economists convinced that recession in US is inevitable

... USA will certainly face a recession, the only question is when ... States will inevitably face a recession. This point of view is ... about the inevitability of the recession. “But if the fear ... of recession has already arisen, then it ... strengthens the mechanisms that make recession more likely,” reads the publication ... of the beginning of the recession. According to the survey of ... USA will certainly face a recession, it’s only a matter ... of 2023. “That is, the recession will definitely come. The only ...

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Recession risk in Europe rises to 40%

Restrictions on Russian gas supplies have raised the risk of an economic downturn in Europe to around 40 percent – as reported by RIA Novosti with reference to data from the British Centre for Economics and Business Research Photo: The study notes that gas supplies to countries such as Italy and France are now under threat. The British authorities should also be concerned, despite the fact that the UK receives most of its gas from Norway. “The UK has very limited storage ...

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