Posted: 22.05.2024 11:28:00

MP on Poland’s fortifications on border with Belarus: it’s new edition of Cold War

Poland has begun the construction of fortifications on the border with Belarus, and – in his talk with Alfa Radio – a deputy of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, Igor Marzalyuk, called this a new edition of the Cold War

As noted by the MP, Polish Messianic nationalism has always been characterised by the concept of Poland as a moor, a wall separating ‘civilised’ Europe from the ‘semi-barbaric’ Eastern European region.

“There is a rational explanation: Poles are allegedly afraid of refugees and mythical interventions. However, there is also a symbolic moment. It is an attempt to completely destroy Lech Walesa's dream of transparent borders between Belarus and Poland, when the citizens of both states could travel to each other by bicycle,” Mr. Marzalyuk explained.

The expert emphasised that Belarus had not closed the border with Poland, “We have never closed ourselves. Polish citizens have the opportunity to come to Belarus. We do not arrange bestiality at the border, forcing people to spend more than 24 hours in queues. This is true disrespect towards Belarusians and Poles.”

Summing up, the MP expressed confidence that the new wall on the Belarusian-Polish border will become a monument to the phobias of our turbulent time, when the world is being partitioned and new paradigms are being developed.