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High-tech solutions for life

A smart city, immersive cinema and a robotic tour guide — what novelties amazed visitors of the annual exhibition TIBO

The 30th International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies TIBO 2024 was held in Minsk last week. More than 260 companies from 15 countries worldwide have come to the high-profile event showcasing innovative developments this year to see and be seen.

The 30th International Forum on Information and Communication Technologies TIBO 2024, Minsk

Minsk Arena has become a platform for the exchange of international best practices and the generation of innovative knowledge in the IT field. Last week, it brought together hundreds of companies striving to make the world around us even more modern from a digital perspective. Their booths had everything that embodied not only personal comfort, but also achievements in the economic sphere. 
The main booth featured at TIBO 2024 — Belarus is a Digital State — was prepared by Belarus’ Ministry of Communications and Informatisation. It unveiled the Smart City digital platform, the national information system for automated environmental monitoring, the showcase of digital projects, an artificial intelligence-based application Digital Agronomist, a general-purpose voice assistant for special agricultural equipment, and more. 
International Forum on ICT TIBO 2024, Minsk  ILYA SHVEDKO
The National Children’s Technopark, as is customary, has presented a lot of interesting developments, including educational gadgets, a system of work with gifted youth, conditions for selecting candidates to study at the institution, and the Scientific Weekends for Families with Children educational programme.  
Among the unconventional booths were a spider and mechanical robots from BNTU (Belarusian National Technical University) students. In the future, those developments will be able to work in the fields, cultivate the land and transport soil. By the way, the Belarusian State University has presented more than 20 innovative solutions at the international forum this year. 
Minsk Automobile Plant [MAZ brand] has showcased several software products this time. At its booth, it was possible to study the diagnostic system of all electronic systems for MAZ machinery — both cargo and passenger vehicles. An automatic calibration system for the electronic air suspension system was also demonstrated there. 
There were two software products at the BELAZ booth. Vladislav Rudoy, Head of Virtual Reality Application Development Bureau, described the novelties in detail, “One of our products is a virtual exhibition of innovative and mass-produced equipment. The second product is a virtual laboratory where large machine components can be assembled and disassembled step by step. The plans are to implement these developments in maintenance centres so that specialists could learn easier and faster.” 
Belarus’ Ministry of Energy has brought to light over 40 innovative solutions, including state-of-the-art software complexes, smart grid distribution management systems, digital models of heating networks, as well as the latest developments in the use of artificial intelligence in the gas industry. A significant part of the exposition was traditionally dedicated to virtual and augmented reality technologies of RUE Vitebskenergo training centre. This year, Vitebsk energy specialists have showcased several new projects — a VR simulator for training staff in steam boiler operation rules, and a VR simulator for driving education.
AI-powered virtual assistant from
Nizhny Novgorod  ILYA SHVEDKO

In addition, large-scale joint booths were demonstrated by Belarus’ Ministry of Industry, Belarus’ National Academy of Sciences, RUE Belenergo, BelISA (Belarusian Institute of System Analysis), the National Centre for Marketing and Price Study, and more. As part of the joint booth Made in Moscow, eighteen IT companies highlighted their innovative developments. 

The business programme of the forum was opened by a plenary panel discussion Digital Development. The Era of Artificial Intelligence. The programme was very comprehensive, consisting of over 40 thematic events dedicated to the digital transformation of the key sectors of the economy and public administration.
The related events also took place, such as the awards ceremony for the winners of the TIBO Internet Award, TIBO Internet Marketing contests, and the International Scratch Creative Programming Olympiad (ISCPO) among schoolchildren.
With the support of the Ministry of Communications and Informatisation and the NGO BRSM (Belarusian Republican Youth Union), the Youth Forum We are the Future of Digital Belarus was held at TIBO 2024 — an event involving lively interaction between prominent leaders in the IT sector and active, interested young people.
Within the framework of the Digital Technology Festival, Digital Literacy open lessons were conducted for schoolchildren, along with sports events, including the modern discipline on double event — a phygital tournament on basketball and racing.  

Top 5 interesting, unusual and useful novelties

The bionic programmable robot is loved by both children and adults   YEGOR YERMALITSKIY

Sofia Prokhorova has developed a digital test site      ILYA SHVEDKO

A new technique in the field of medicine — automated and safe — will simplify doctors’ work     ILYA SHVEDKO

Virtual simulator assistant in car repair   ILYA SHVEDKO 

Dog of many talents

The 15-kilogramme bionic beast kept sending hearts to the children, stretched out to its full height and gave a paw, like a true faithful friend. No one will ever feel bored having this cute high-tech pet around. According to Hobby Park LLC experts, the robotic dog with voice recognition executes commands using Chat GPT. It is equipped with navigation, and allows easy control from any phone via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Moreover, the digital dog can run no worse than a real one. 

Become an agronomist in 5 minutes 
Sofia Prokhorova, a 4th-year student at Brest State Technical University, had a long queue of schoolchildren who wanted to get an insight into her development. The girl brought to the exhibition a digital test site — an installation that tests agricultural machinery and trains young personnel to manage new equipment. The development has become very popular at the university, the guys agree after passing the test that it is not an easy job, the quality of sowing depends a lot on the person. 

Nina from Nizhny Novgorod 
Nina, a 2.5-metre-tall mirrored matryoshka doll, greeted guests at the entrance to the Nizhny Novgorod booth. This is not just a virtual assistant, but a real employee. 
Nina can search for information using an internet connection. This modern development is only a year old, but it has already managed to tour in many cities. However, the art object has learnt to talk quite recently — especially for the TIBO exhibition. 

Oxygen box of the 21st century 
The State Committee on Science and Technology has presented a new method of adaptive therapy for respiratory failure in patients with COVID-19 and those who undergo a rehabilitation process. The OxyBox device with automated selection and correction of oxygen therapy regimen is suitable for use both at home and in a medical facility.

Digital car maintenance 
Sergei Shashenko, a lead engineer of the Transport and Technological Machines Faculty at the Belarusian-Russian University, used a virtual simulator to teach students how to carry out car maintenance, and repair the braking system and chassis of vehicles. “Virtual reality glasses enable us to see the full picture, including the garage, tools and parts that need to be repaired. The picture is duplicated on the computer screen. There are about 20 different scenarios in the simulator, and students scrutinise them in laboratory classes,” explained the specialist. 

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