Posted: 24.01.2022 14:41:00

Belarusians should appeal to genuine national heroes, expert believes

In his talk with Alfa Radio, Igor Marzalyuk, the Chairman of the Standing Committee on Education, Culture and Science of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, stressed that Belarusian should appeal to the genuine national heroes – those who created Belarus

As the programme host recalled, 2022 has been declared the Year of Historical Memory in Belarus with an aim of revising the country’s history and making the truth open to public.

Mr. Marzalyuk commented, “We need to understand that history is something that is always with us. This is an answer to three fundamental questions: where we are from, why we are the such, and how to build our future strategy based on the historical experience. If a nation – for some reason – has an imposed concept of historical identity, then it leads to a false history and gives rise to a false policy. This produces a national catastrophe in the foreseeable future. Many people fail to understand how serious these things are.”

The historian is convinced that Belarusians should appeal to the genuine national heroes – those who created Belarus. “Moreover, this appeal should not be accompanied by xenophobia or hatred towards any neighbours. We will try, without humiliating anyone, to put things in perspective,” Mr. Marzalyuk added.