Posted: 04.12.2023 17:25:00

Korbut: Belarusian scientists’ genetic developments in great demand worldwide

Belarus has already transferred 12 genetic resources to other countries – as noted by Belarus’ Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Aleksandr Korbut, answering questions from deputies after the presentation of the bill On the Management of Genetic Resources

The deputies asked how interesting the achievements of Belarusian scientists are to the world community and whether there is a practice of transferring genetic resources.

“Such a practice exists, and our developments are in great demand throughout the world: both those related to agricultural production, new types of food products, and those having a special relationship to those rare endangered species that the Republic of Belarus has. We transferred 12 genetic resources to other countries: Russia, China, USA, Canada, Tajikistan, New Zealand, Lithuania. And we see that by adopting this bill, the country should receive additional benefits,” answered the Deputy Minister.