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Strength lies in teamwork

64.5 percent is the export share over the past year — new technologies and modernisation help the Lida-based manufacturer of plastic packaging expand sales markets

Plastic packaging for household chemical goods, cosmetics, foodstuffs and medical products has been produced in Lida for a quarter of a century. The Bel-Plast International Joint Limited Liability Company is a dynamically developing enterprise that occupies a niche not only in the domestic market, but also in the markets of the CIS countries. The growth rate of industrial production amounted to 114.4 percent in 2023. The newspaper correspondent has visited the company’s production site and found out what the Lida-based manufacturers rely on in the Year of Quality.

Natalya Pilchuk, Head of Technical Control Department, Bel-Plast International JLLC. Lida, Grodno Region

                                The President of Belarus,
                             Aleksandr Lukashenko,

“The foundation for the successful development of the state is a strong economy. Therefore, first of all, it is necessary to develop regional economy, create jobs in the regions with a decent salary level.” 

At a meeting on topical issues of Belarus’ regional socio-economic development, on April 2nd, 2019  

From modernisation to labour productivity growth

Viktor Novgorodsky, crusher operator
Bel-Plast International JLLC introduces advanced technologies every year, increases the range of its products and expands sales markets. In recent years, extensive modernisation of production has been carried out at the enterprise. This has significantly reduced labour costs, boosted labour productivity, improved product quality, brought down electricity consumption and enhanced working conditions for employees.   
A powerful material and technical base and a team of professionals allow the company to manufacture products that are in demand and sold not only in the markets of Belarus, but also in Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Moldova and Azerbaijan. The export share in the total volume of products sold reached 64.5 percent in 2023.
“The assortment of Bel-Plast International JLLC includes over 300 items of bottles, cans, canisters, lids for household chemicals, perfume and beauty products, foodstuffs and medical products. Each product unit has its own design, and the product shape is developed taking into account safety, ease of transportation and efficient in-store product placement,” Anatoly Velikin, General Director of Bel-Plast International JLLC, gave an insight into the company’s business. 
By the way, few people know that the head of the enterprise has two conservatories under his belt. He is also a pianist, accordion player, journalist, and photographer...    
“I have always dreamt of directing an orchestra. Today I am directing the whole enterprise, though!” Anatoly Velikin smiled and made a light wave with the conductor’s baton, which takes pride of place in his study. 


9.5 percent — labour productivity growth over the past year 
More than Br2,600 — the average monthly salary at the enterprise for the first quarter of 2024   

Everything is under control 

Bel-Plast International production
The equipment in the workshop works non-stop. Such a source of thermal energy allows saving on central heating and water heating. Packaging of different sizes, shapes and purposes is produced at each separate site. The requirements for product quality are the highest. Everything that comes off the assembly line is subject to control, including laboratory control.
Natalya Pilchuk, Head of  Technical Control Department, who has been working at the company for 17 years, is one of those who controls the quality of Bel-Plast International products. Many years of experience allow her to spot with the naked eye such minor inaccuracies that a layman would not even pay attention to.
Shift master Vladimir Vincha has witnessed how the company has been gradually developing, “I have been responsible for the workers and equipment for almost 25 years. I saw how it all started. Today, the equipment of the workshop is so much better, and less manual labour is required. I love my job and when in a store, I always choose products in the packaging of our Lida-based company.”   
Among a variety of containers, there are bottles for medical products on the conveyor. During difficult COVID times, the enterprise, given the high demand and urgent need for antiseptics, placed the main emphasis on the production of bottles for those products.
“It was imperative to provide the country’s enterprises specialising in the production and sale of antiseptics and disinfectants with packaging within the shortest possible time,” recalled Anatoly Velikin, General Director of Bel-Plast International JLLC. “We increased production capacity and installed an additional production line at our own expense to manufacture products in a single complex. This enabled us to ramp up production by 600,000 units per month. Everything worked out for us.”  
The ability to navigate in time is a valuable quality for production workers. The company’s labour productivity is constantly growing — by 9.5 percent in 2023. As for the average monthly salary, it amounted to more than Br2,600 for the first quarter of 2024.
During difficult COVID times, the enterprise, taking into account the high demand and urgent need for antiseptics, placed the main emphasis on the production of bottles for those products

No time to stand still

“The year 2024 has been declared the Year of Quality. Therefore, we will continue to advance, improve the quality of manufactured products, create new types of products, maintain the existing product sales markets and open new ones, reduce production costs through the introduction of automation elements and staff training,” the head of the enterprise emphasised. 
The efforts of the labour collective do not go unnoticed, as evidenced by numerous diplomas, certificates, medals, cups. Thus, in 2023, the enterprise received an award in the nomination For Success in Import Substitution and became the winner of the Import Substitution contest in the nomination Manufacturer of the Year.
“The company’s strength lies in teamwork. Team spirit helps us meet the expectations of consumers,” pointed out Anatoly Velikin.


Teresa Pavlyuchkova, Head of Economics Department at the Lida District Executive Committee,
“The development of small and medium-sized businesses is an important direction for Lida District. Such enterprises account for 25 percent of budget revenues. A quarter of those engaged in the economy work in small and medium-sized businesses. Small business forms 13.4 percent of the district’s exports. As for Bel-Plast International JLLC, it is worth noting the significant role of the general director. Anatoly Velikin is the Deputy Chairman of the Business Development Council at the Lida District Executive Committee. This is how we manage to maintain a dialogue between the business community and the authorities at the local level, as well as to systematise topical issues of business people. In addition, Bel-Plast International JLLC is a multiple laureate and diploma winner of various national and international competitions for achieving high results in the field of quality. This is a considerable contribution to the formation of our territorial brand. Together we work for a high-quality image of products manufactured in Lida.”

Warehouse at Bel-Plast International JLLC

By Anna Kasper

Photos by Anna Kasper