Posted: 17.06.2024 14:26:00

Belarus PM: attempts continue to make sanctions measures even tougher, but we’re obliged to fulfil all tasks

Despite the ongoing sanctions pressure, the Government is determined to fulfil all the tasks set – as noted by Belarus’ Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko after his report to President Aleksandr Lukashenko

As the Head of Government noted, the external situation is not getting easier and sanctions pressure remains, “As we see, there are attempts to make the sanctions measures tougher. We understand that this is for a long time, so we’re building our policy proceeding from this fact. Despite everything, Belarusian exports are growing, which is especially encouraging, they are increasing to the countries of the far arc, the African continent, and the Middle East.”

Roman Golovchenko stressed that new production, financial and logistics chains have been launched, while the Belarusian government is closely co-ordinating its actions with Russia.

“We are obliged to fulfil all the assigned tasks that the country’s economic bloc faces. So far, the situation is developing well, and I think that with the proper level of internal mobilisation and commitment to the result, everything will be achievable.”

Speaking about the country’s export policy, the PM stressed that today there is no hard line to maintain certain proportions in external supplies, “We’re acting taking into account the market situation. Moreover, now there is such a situation where for many commodity items it is already necessary to choose where to supply: to the near or far market. Of course, first of all we fulfil our obligations to our Russian colleagues, and if there are surpluses, we send them to the markets of the far arc.”