Lord of the Polesian lakes

We visited a unique craftsman who has been making boats using ancient technology for almost 40 years A picturesque place in the Ivanovo District of the Brest Region is known as the capital of a major culinary festival Motol Treats (Motalskiya Prysmaki). But few people know that the only boat master in the country lives here. Pavel Raikevich is a fourth-generation artisan. From an early age, he adopted the experience of his father — now he passes on secrets to his sons and grandchildren. He ...

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Linen and silk with special chic

... employee of the Department of Crafts and Traditional Culture of the ...

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Heartwarming folk craft of felting

People come from all over Belarus, Russia and even Australia for felt snow boots from Dribin ‘Mazherit’, ‘shkorni’, ‘shvaretka’... These funny words are not a set of letters, but the real secret language of fullers from Dribin, which was kept in the strictest confidence. Masters communicated with each other on it, so as not to give out the technology of fulling wool. The secret was kept, but the fame of fullers from Dribin spread throughout the country. For almost three decades, the regional ...

Dribin , fulling wool , crafts , traditions

From ceramic tiles to ‘heraldic’ whistles

... Centre for Folk Art and Crafts in the urban-type settlement ... Centre for Folk Art and Crafts in the urban-type settlement ... Centre for Folk Art and Crafts make imitation ceramic tiles — ... — panels, garden sculptures, and decorative crafts. I always say that our ... Centre for Folk Art and Crafts go to exhibitions and sales ... from Kopys. Master of folk crafts Irina Kravchuk The head of ... Centre for Folk Art and Crafts are engaged in wicker and ... woodworking, embroidery and other folk crafts. However, it is clay that ...

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Keepers of traditions

Folk crafts are an important part of ... December, the regional House of Crafts will celebrate the 25th anniversary ... that the Gantsevichi House of Crafts received several diplomas of the ... Director of the House of Crafts Alla Zanko. Wedding attributes Among ... to ensure that our folk crafts and crafts do not disappear with ...

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The return of the Brest matryoshka doll

... entrepreneur from Brest restores art crafts and traditions of a souvenir ... factory, but also teaches art crafts to everyone. When introducing Yuri ... revival and preservation of art crafts, “These enterprises are unique from ... of products of arts and crafts in its original form. It ... — the revival of such art crafts as woodcarving, straw inlay and ... State recently noted that art crafts are a unique phenomenon. So ...

crafts , souvenir , matryoshka , factory

News photo: exhibition of Polotsk masters on show in Vitebsk

Vitebsk Regional Centre of Folk Arts presents craftwork by Polotsk masters

crafts , exhibition , folk arts

Songs, souvenirs and carols at festival of folk art and crafts

... festival of folk art and crafts – Glushansky Khutorok – gathering amateur artistes ...

festival , art , crafts

Craftswomen create textile version of Belarus’ Red Book

... the Polotsk Regional Centre of Crafts and National Cultures, Svetlana Sverzh ... by Polotsk Regional Centre of Crafts and National Cultures

crafts , plants , red book

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