Posted: 05.10.2021 13:50:00

Songs, souvenirs and carols at festival of folk art and crafts

The village of Glusha in the Bobruisk District has hosted 12th regional festival of folk art and crafts – Glushansky Khutorok – gathering amateur artistes from all over the Mogilev Region and masters of decorative and applied arts

The holiday – dedicated to the National Unity Day – featured clay pots, wicker baskets, straw and wood products, unique handmade dolls, and many other souvenirs. In addition, an agricultural fair was organised, with potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, oilseed radish, grain and honey offered for sale.

Guests to the festival carolled and participated in an ancient autumn rite of fire bringing to the house. In addition, healer Agafya consulted those present on herbal treatment.

Trainees of the Yermak equestrian sports club – led by Ruslan Aliyev – prepared a show with elements of jigging, while amateur artistes performed folk songs.