Posted: 20.04.2024 15:16:00

Belarus’ Government leadership headed by PM Golovchenko engaged in planting forests in Minsk Region

The Government leadership headed by Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko are working in the Minsk Region today, planting pedunculate oak trees in the Kolovsky forestry

The work is in full swing on 1.5 hectares of the Kopyl experimental forestry. “This year we are planting oaks. These powerful and eternal trees symbolise strength and perseverance, being the best choice for our country at the moment," the Prime Minister stressed.

Before the start of the work, Roman Golovchenko, his deputies and the head of the Council of Ministers' Office planted 18 tui in the place where eighteen partisans fought against fascists: near the village of Lava in the Kopyl District.

At the end of 1942, German troops launched a punitive expedition against the partisans of the Kopyl, Uzda, and Nesvizh districts of the Minsk Region. In December, seven thousand fascists with tanks, guns and mortars launched an offensive against the Voroshilov brigade. In order to have time to evacuate the wounded and concentrate forces for a decisive battle, it was decided to transfer one of the detachments under the command of Vikenty Drozdovich to defensive positions. In an unequal Lava battle, after destroying 85 punishers, the entire group died. The youngest man was 15 years old, and the oldest one was 72. The fight lasted 4 hours, and eight attacks were repelled over that time.