Posted: 27.01.2023 16:06:00

Aleinik: Holocaust Remembrance Day highlights connection of destinies of different nations who were tested by war

The death of every Holocaust victim, the genocide of Belarusian people and other Nazi atrocities are a true pain in the heart for Belarus – as noted by Foreign Minister Sergei Aleinik in his address, read out by Deputy Chairman of the Vitebsk City Executive Committee Viktor Glushin, to the participants and guests of the event held on the occasion of International Holocaust Remembrance Day

“International Holocaust Remembrance Day – celebrated annually on January 27th – has become one of the most important memorable dates proclaimed by the UN. Today's event is a testament to the historically indissoluble and friendly nature of relations between the peoples of Belarus and Israel. This is a consistent contribution of the Belarusian state to international efforts aimed at preservation of the memory of the Holocaust victims,” Mr. Aleinik stressed.

According to the Foreign Minister, Belarus invariably honours the memory of relatives, friends, acquaintances and strangers who became victims of inhumane theories of racial superiority of one nation over others. “Our country knows first-hand the price of war, since it lost a third of its population during the Nazi occupation. This memorable date once again emphasises the close connection of the destinies of people of various nationalities, who were tested by the war. In the most difficult years – during the Great Patriotic War – millions of residents of Belarus, including hundreds of thousands of representatives of the Jewish people, were subjected to inhuman trials, becoming martyrs and heroes,” he said.

Mr. Aleinik noted that Belarusians are infinitely proud of their compatriots who, while risking and sacrificing a lot, extended a helping hand to their neighbours or completely unfamiliar people with Jewish blood during that terrible war, “We are grateful that the Yad Vashem Memorial Complex noted those heroic deeds. Hundreds of Belarusians have been recognised as Righteous among the Nations. It is symbolic that the Israeli side, continuing its painstaking work on documenting examples of heroism, is again presenting awards to the descendants of Belarusians, whose exploits in the name of humanity will be marked with this high title and international recognition.”

The Foreign Minister stressed that the common task of Belarus and Israel is to preserve historical memory and confirm the exceptional importance of the immutable truth about the inadmissibility of rewriting the results of WWII. “Following this goal is the key to a common understanding by all those living now and, above all, by the younger generations of the true causes and nature of wars, as well as a condition for their prevention. 2023 has been declared the Year of Peace and Creation by the President of Belarus, and our country will continue to promote restoration and strengthening of an indivisible and interconnected architecture of global and regional security, which makes it possible to guarantee everyone the right to life and freedom of creative work,” he said.

Mr. Aleinik expressed respect for the memory of all those who experienced, directly or indirectly, the tragedy of the Holocaust, “May our future generations live happily, in peace and kindness!”