Belarusian delegation headed to World Youth Festival 2024 in Sochi

... the year, the World Youth Festival, will be held from March ... regions. “At the World Youth Festival, we are represented by one ... who can lead others. The festival serves as an example of ...

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Watch and admire

... is at a high level. Festival guests Aleksandr Kulevsky Two estates ... decades of its existence, the festival Vitebsk seems to have welcomed ... the days of the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar. At ...

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Risen like a Phoenix

Vitebsk was completely destroyed during the war years, but now it is, without exaggeration, one of the main industrial and cultural centres of the country Modern Vitebsk Region is a highly developed industrial region. The city with an eleven-century history is attractive at any time of the year. The Vitebsk Region is unique and has a rich historical, cultural and spiritual heritage. This is the birthplace of Euphrosyne of Polotsk and Francysk Skaryna, writer-publicist and teacher Simeon Polotsky ...

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Cultural code of Belarusians

... visited the Kupala Night Republican Festival in Alexandria belta This colourful ... is not surprising, because the festival was held under the auspices ... among the audience of the festival. The speech, with which ... guests of the Kupala Night festival, was presented both in Belarusian ... celebration, I always think: our festival is the embodiment of everything ... to everyone who makes this festival — organisers, directors, artists, craftsmen. ... guests at the Kupala Night festival included the leaders of five ...

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Mezentsev announced events scheduled for Union State Days as part of Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk

... International Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk Festival of Arts will be held ... State as part of the festival programme. We want to give ... halls, as well as a festival of twin districts of the ... International Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk Festival of Arts. The Belarusian TV ... Company will spend all the festival days together with residents and ...

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Kursk Region Governor: true friends gathered in Alexandria

... of the Kupala Night honouring festival in the Shklov District of ...

Alexandria gathers friends , russia , festival

Rock will return to the Slavianski Bazaar

... poster of the International Arts Festival Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk A ... edition of the International Arts Festival Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk from ... 12th to July 17th. The festival programme is ready. Let’ ... 13th, the fanfare of the festival will be officially played. ... the Grand Prix of the festival in 2022 The Union ... named after Mikhail Finberg. The festival will also host a concert ... the closing ceremony of the festival will take place. But that ... the On the Seven Winds festival of street art, which ...

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Two Belarusian animated films awarded at film festival in India

... 1st Eagle Eye International Film Festival held in the Indian city ...

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Dazhynki-2022 festival-fair of village workers held in Glubokoe

A major festival-fair of village workers took place in Glubokoe. Dazhynki-2022 gathered guests from all around Belarus to honour the work of grain growers. The holiday coincided with National Unity Day, and the celebrations were accordingly of a special flavour and meaning.

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News photo: almost 2,500 artists took part in opening of Sozhski Karagod festival

A grand opening of the 10 th International Festival of Choreographic Art in Gomel featured dancing flames, blacksmiths, artistes on fire stilts and even the city’s symbol: the lynx

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Through art to peace and understanding

... to retain and preserve our festival throughout the difficult period ... concert programmes of the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in ... to all participants of the festival, and bright and unforgettable impressions ... like a beehive all the festival days: numerous guests and ... and sparkling fun — the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar in ... Participants of the 5th International Festival of Drummers and Majorettes marched ... of choral music — the festival easily combined the earthly and ...

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Molodechno 2022: new countdown

The 21st National Festival of Belarusian Song and Poetry ... for two days in June. Festival notes about cultural events for ... page to the annals of festival traditions. The audience of the ... ,” emphasised Leonid Zakhlevny. The Republican festival of creative ideas and solutions ... thoughts on why people need festivals like Molodechno 2022, “They highlight ... on the organisation of the festival, we have preserved the good ... same time, let the 21st festival be the beginning of good ...

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The colour here is cornflower blue

... symbol of the 31st International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar ... left before the large-scale festival, which celebrates its 31st ... dozen countries participating in the festival, 20 years of the ... Director of the Festival Gleb Lapitsky, “A festival is an event ... in honour of the International Festival of Arts Slavianski Bazaar ... The programme of the current festival is being shaped, but ... Seven Winds street art festival at the sculpture in ... experience about a dozen near-festival events. The organisers of ...

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Festival — in each region

... small part of the Vytoki festival programme. A culture and ... second season of the Vytoki festival began its journey in ... Bobruisk, Soligorsk and Minsk, the festival fell in love with thousands ... holiday. The content of the festival has become even more interesting ... season the guests of the festival were offered to get ... Tomorrow the culture and sports festival Vytoki will come to ... . Back then, during the festival in Stolin, Chairman of the ... WAY The culture and sport festival Vytoki, organised by the National ...

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Festival of National Cultures in Grodno approaching

... how the 13 th Republican Festival of National Cultures will be ... Grodno, BelTA reports "The festival will gather representatives of thirty ... , Azerbaijanis and others. The Grodno festival is a good opportunity to ... ," Mr. Rumak said. The festival will last three days, and ... discuss their participation in the festival and introduce its programme. The ... Belarus,” Mr. Rumak said. The Festival of National Cultures was for ...

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Vytoki cultural and sports festival to be held in Rechitsa

... Toward Olympus cultural and sports festival will be hosted by Rechitsa ... artistes will brightly close the festivities. The festival programme is already available ... Toward Olympus cultural and sports festival will be held in Stolin ...

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34th International Festival of Ancient and Modern Chamber Music launched in Polotsk

... from Polotsk’s jubilee, the festival is marked by other important ... ,” a creative leader of the festival, an organ player and an ...

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М.@rt.contact reigning in Mogilev these days

... during an opening ceremony. “The festival already has its own traditions ... , shared his happiness that the festival is being revived – despite external ... people and their problems. The festival is well-timed also because ... its assistance in ensuring this festival takes place. I am sure ... theatrical troupes. In 2022, the festival is again being held in ...

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Dates announced for Slavianski Bazaar-2022

... , Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk International Festival of Arts will be held ... the Instagram account of the festival “This time, the most interesting ... Vitebsk shines with during the festival’. In 2022, the festival turns 31.

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News photo. Ice and Snow Art Festival in Wuhan in full swing

The Ice and Snow Art Festival kicked off in Wuhan, capital of China’s Hubei Province, as part of the 8 th National Public Ice and Snow Season. The programme includes exhibitions of ice sculptures and other events with a local cultural flavour, Xinhua reports Photos: www.russian.news.cn

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