Mammoth, furniture and icons

... the year The Museum Item exhibition is a traditional project for ... a rather motley set, featuring exhibits from archaeology to modern painting ... manor of the nobility. The exhibition supervisor and head of the ... bad qualities. The Museum Item exhibition TATA KAVERINA Local residents also ... the valuable find at the exhibition now. Tatiana Zygmantovich explained why ... Fei worked on other exposition exhibits — paired paintings that were once ... we talk about how new exhibits appear, in most cases they ...

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Either a gramophone, or a meat grinder

... since 1950, and its first exhibition was presented in another landmark ... Sunday, December 26th, 1926. The exhibition was small, because in the ... . Nevertheless, the museum presented interesting exhibits. By the 18th century, there ... the church host several exhibition halls, the exhibits in which will tell ... museum has about 2 thousand exhibits. At first glance, the ... can be visited remotely. Unique exhibits are presented on its website ... Museum Showcase about such mysterious exhibits that our ancestors used in ...

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Museum of Belarusian Polesie ever expanding its collection

... replenished with over 750 new exhibits and, at the moment, their ... Irina Demchuk explains, “We organise exhibitions, and painters usually donate some ... guests a year and its exhibition areas need expansion. Major repairs ...

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