Ambassador: Germany does not renounce responsibility for its attack on USSR

... , including the attack on the USSR. My country unconditionally recognises this ...

germany , russia , WWII , ussr

105th anniversary of BSSR proclamation discussed at NAS

Scientists and experts considered controversial issues of the Soviet period of Belarus’ past at a round table discussion dedicated to the 105th anniversary of the proclamation of the Socialist Soviet Republic of Belorussiya The meeting at the National Academy of Sciences gathered not only Belarusian historians, political and government figures, representatives of public organisations, but also scientists from Russia – which highlighted the desire to look into the republic’s past in a broad and ...

history , national academy of sciences , Lutsky , bssr , ussr

Expert explained why Soviet heritage is being actively destroyed in Ukraine

... . Kiev is now removing the USSR coat of arms from its ... , the fact is that the USSR fulfilled the key postulates of ...

avdonin , opinion , ussr , kiev , heritage

Opinion: Lithuanian politicians trying to make supporters of the Nazis out of their people

... of deaf criticism [of the USSR actions during the Great Patriotic ... . In the 1990s, when the USSR collapsed, thoughts emerged that much ... support the condemnation of the USSR and the oblivion of its ... , you were part of the USSR. Have you been recognised as ...

gigin , opinion , lithuania , ussr , monuments

Opinion: USSR was a great project

... recent centenary jubilee of the USSR formation in his talk with ... arrange a just world “The USSR was a great project and ... . Mr. Mukovozchik added that the USSR was an attempt to create ... a spiritual heir of the USSR," he believes.

mukovozchik , opinion , ussr

Peskov: Warsaw's statement that USSR did not liberate Poland is monstrous lie

... capital that, in 1945, the USSR did not bring freedom to ...

peskov , russia , poland , ussr

Opinion: Belarus preserved and developed USSR values

... our country shows that the USSR had a future. We have ... values that were in the USSR. We have preserved and developed ...

opinion , ussr , Danilovich

Russian State Duma may recognise withdrawal of several countries from USSR illegal

... State Duma to repeal the USSR State Council’s resolution On ... of several articles of the USSR Constitution. “We have begun with ... ; it also illegally left the USSR," Mr. Fedorov added. According ...

russia , ussr , lithuania , latvia , ukraine , estonia

Russia’s State Duma proposes to remove USSR leaders’ graves from Red Square

... memorial cemetery where the prominent USSR figures are buried from Red ...

russia , ussr

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