Front behind enemy lines

Partisans made a huge contribution to the liberation of our country In terms of its scale, military and political results, the nationwide resistance movement against the occupiers of the BSSR (Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic) became one of the crucial factors affecting the enemy’s defeat. No wonder Belarus is still called a partisan republic. During its liberation, the people’s avengers provided great assistance to the Red Army troops and, in fact, created a second front behind enemy ...

Belarus , Great Patriotic War , partisans , Red Army , Natzi , German , fascists , liberation

Operation that shook the world

Operation Bagration — prerequisites and significance for the outcome of the Second World War The Byelorussian offensive, commonly known as Operation Bagration, marks its 80th anniversary this year. It had no equal in spatial scope during the Great Patriotic War and is rightfully considered an outstanding achievement of the Soviet military art. The defeat of the most powerful Wehrmacht grouping in the shortest possible time — from June 23rd to August 29th, 1944 — enabled the Red Army, with the ...

Byelorussia , Bagration , operation , offensive , Red Army , Second World War , memory , liberation , Hitler , German , Natzi , fascists

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