News photo: pictures devoted to Victory Day on show

An exhibition of unique archival photos devoted to Victory Day opened in the ruins of the White Palace in the Brest Fortress – featuring pictures taken in May 1945, those demonstrating the last war day and celebration of the long-awaited victory of the Soviet people over fascism

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Patriotic education centre to open in Belarus

... the Kobrin fortification of the Brest Fortress – as informed by Sergei Kornev ... provide support. After all, the Brest Fortress is our common historical and ...

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Brest fortress as a symbol of courage

... Complex, said. At present, the Brest Fortress is a world-famous symbol ... the 180th anniversary of the Brest Fortress, its Defence Museum presents a ... the memorial complex, Galina Bogdanovich: Brest Fortress in Photos. It features different ...

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Brest Fortress staff praised

Prime Minister Roman Golovchenko bestows Order of Francysk Skaryna on Brest Hero Fortress staff Photo by Pavel Bogush The Prime Minister read out President Lukashenko’s welcome address: ‘On June 22 nd , the citadel became the first shield on the path of the Nazi army. Until now, we do not know all the names of the defenders who stepped into immortality. However, we bow our heads and thank everyone who fought for a clear sky above our heads’. Mr. Golovchenko congratulated all employees of the ...

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War history on paper

... dedicated to the Brest Fortress history presented in Brest The Brest Fortress. History and ... a significant place of the Brest Fortress in our country’s cultural ... through the territory of the Brest Fortress, it’s hardly possible not ...

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