Posted: 17.04.2024 12:27:00

Opinion: leaders of Belarus’ neighbouring countries gone mad, their peoples are in information vacuum

The build-up of NATO forces at the Belarusian borders cannot but be alarming: the republic wants peace, but unfortunately has to be ready for war – as stated by Ivan Eismont, the Chairman of the Belarusian State TV and Radio Company, during the Minsk-Moscow live streaming

Mr. Eismont drew attention to the fact that Belarus’ closest neighbours, unlike the republic, do not fly into space or seek to develop their agriculture. “Why should they sow fields if the European Union, which they joined, will sell them all this for the money of the European Union? Accordingly, there is no need for them to make effort,” he said.

Meanwhile, the trenches, figuratively speaking, are dug by both Belarus and its neighbours, though – as noted by the expert – this is a forced measure for Belarusians. “We are getting prepared, and they are doing the same. The only difference is that we are preparing on the territory of our country. They are at our borders, but we are not at the border of Germany. Troops are starting to arrive in Lithuania from Germany, and they will be located right near Belarus. History teaches them nothing, although there is still hope that there are sensible politicians there, and such actions are just saber rattling,” Mr. Eismont noted.

The expert drew a parallel with the year 1941, “If you carefully study the history and recall the events on the eve of 1941, then you will actually see no great difference. They seem to be unlikely [to start military operations], but [we can recall] that they were not going to deliver anything to Ukraine except bandages. However, they later sent helmets, guns, tanks and missiles there. They are now voicing the plans to send troops [to Ukraine], but allegedly not to take part in hostilities. Well, they will [take part], if their troops will go there.”

Mr. Eismont recalled that Belarus had been sounding the alarm for the last few years since the NATO group had been building up forces near the country’s territory, “The Defence Ministry and the General Staff made so many statements, and no special military operation was developing then. This suggests that Belarus’ neighbours knew how the situation in Ukraine would develop. The only question was who would act first.”

The expert added that the situation developing near Belarus’ borders is very alarming. “The neighbouring countries’ leaders have gone mad, and their peoples, unfortunately, are in an information vacuum and under the influence of harsh propaganda. Actually, people in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia know Russian, so they can watch this stream. In turn, the situation is not so simple in Poland and beyond. They are told horror stories about Russia and Belarus, and people there are mostly zombified,” he said.