Belmedpreparaty plans to produce oncology drugs in the form of freeze-dried powders

This was stated by General Director Sergei Kazakevich at a press conference in the National Press Centre “We expect that by late 2024 the production will be put into operation, and the country will receive a number of new oncology items, which will be produced entirely in Belarus,” he said. Another important area of the company’s work is expanding the insulin portfolio. Belmedpreparaty is Belarus’ only enterprise that produces insulin preparations. In this regard, it is planned to solve the ...

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500+ new drugs were introduced into circulation in Belarus over five years

First Deputy General Director of the Belpharmprom Holding Management Company Piotr Vorobiev spoke about the achievements of domestic pharmaceutical enterprises in recent years There are about 40 organisations engaged in pharmaceutical activities in Belarus. Thus, of the 870 registered international non-proprietary names of drugs, more than half have been mastered in our country. The prices are affordable. “This is because the domestic pharmaceutical industry has been and remains socially ...

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Extremely high level of drug shortages expected in the Netherlands

... ) has declared the shortage of medicines, RIA Novosti reports Photo: www ... 2023, the number of scarce medicines will reach a record level ... 2022, about 1,514 deficient medicines were registered in the Netherlands ... ,179. "The shortage of medicines caused by problems related to ... reported. The list of scarce medicines includes drugs for heart diseases ...

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