MP on Poland’s fortifications on border with Belarus: it’s new edition of Cold War

... construction of fortifications on the border with Belarus, and – in his ... Belarus had not closed the border with Poland, “We have never ... not arrange bestiality at the border, forcing people to spend more ... wall on the Belarusian-Polish border will become a monument to ...

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Wall of dependence

... of farmers, the closure of border checkpoints, mass demonstrations, and ... going to? Belarus– Poland border T he President of Belarus ... Poland BELTA policies in the border refugee crisis that involved ... along the Belarus–Poland border built by Warsaw requires ... almost all checkpoints on the border with Belarus, having made ... the closure of all border crossings with Belarus amounted ... could stimulate not only cross-border trade, tourism, but also ... has gone to militarise the border zone today. However, the ...

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Expert: nuclear weapons on Belarus’ territory to remain most important tool for deterring aggression

... military-political situation on Belarusian border with Poland, Lithuania and Latvia ... Pabrad, 15km from our state border. Under the guise of exercises ...

Expert , Tikhansky , Belarus , military weapons , border , NATO , West

Tusk: Poland began fortifying its eastern border

... begun work on fortifying the border with Belarus and Ukraine – as ... visit to the Polish-Belarusian border, the state began work over ... will do to strengthen the border.

poland , Tusk , border

State Border Committee: 81,000+ EU residents visited Belarus without visas since early 2024

... with reference to the State Border Committee According to the source ... citizens of Poland,” the State Border Committee informed. Detailed information about ... special section of the State Border Committee’s Internet portal and ... in the Border of Belarus mobile application.

Belarus , EU , border , visa-free regime

Belarus’ State Border Committee: Polish mercenaries brutally beat two migrants from Afghanistan

... According to the source, Belarusian border guards met two migrants from ... Pruzhany District near the Polish border on May 6 th . The ... a Polish patrol at the border. Six mercenaries in the military ...

migrants , border , poland

Defence Minister: cutting-edge equipment supplied to Belarus’ Air Force and Air Defence Forces

... the protection of the state border in the airspace,” he underlined ...

Belarus , Defence Ministry , Khrenin , Air Force , Air Defence Forces , border

Polish general called for mining borders with Belarus and Russia

... late to build fortifications in border areas. I’m convinced both ...

Belarus , Russia , Poland , border

Wider presence of Polish Armed Forces on border with Ukraine expected

... the Subcarpathian Voivodeship on the border with Ukraine, TASS reports Photo ...

poland , border , Ukraine

Any provocation on the state border will be suppressed by force of arms

... Those who violate the state border will be destroyed,” Aleksandr Lukashenko ... the situation across Belarus’ northwestern border remains difficult and tensions are ... and firing positions across Belarus’ border, as well as material ... has obviously beefed up state border security in the northwestern operational ... troops involved in protecting their border with Belarus at that ... provocative actions near the state border with the involvement of ... sabotage groups across the Ukrainian border through Belarus. Why are ...

Lukashenko , President , Oshmyany District , state , border , defence

State Border Committee Chair: we fully control situation on Belarus’ section of CIS external border

... CIS external border – as stated by State Border Committee Chairman ... reference to Belarus’ State Border Committee website Photo: www ... Uzbekistan), attended by delegations of border agencies from Belarus, Kazakhstan, ... and volunteer formations in its border protection, which significantly increases ... section of the CIS external border. The meeting participants summarised ... regions. In this regard, border agencies will continue to ... -operation programmes in strengthening border security at external borders ...

Belarus , CIS , border , State Border Committee

Expert explained why border mining to become starting response to military aggression against Belarus

... and mining of the relevant border territories will become the first ...

petrovsky , opinion , mining , border

Belarusian border guards found two dead refugees and beaten foreigner on border with Poland and Latvia

... Telegram channel of the State Border Committee PHOTO: VIDEO SCREENSHOT ... 9th, at the border with Poland. Belarusian border guards found the ... . On March 10th, Belarusian border guards recorded two cases of ... at different sections of the border with Latvia. First, the ... Half an hour later, Belarusian border guards found the second refugee ... ’s death. The State Border Committee noted that since the ... have died on the border with Belarus because of ... migrants found dead on the border with Poland, two more ...

State Border Committee , Poland , Latvia , border

Over five years, Latvia to spend €300m+ to strengthen its eastern border

... €303m on strengthening its eastern border over the next five years ... plan for protecting the eastern border has been approved. <...> ... mine depots’ along the ‘entire border’ with Russia and Belarus. The ... a ‘defence line’ on the border with Russia. Latvian Defence Ministry ...

Latvia , border

Expert: residents of Baltic States and Poland saw real situation in Belarus

... was another batch of closed border crossings. Since March 1st, the ... regime, and since the simplified border crossing regime has been in ... , artificial obstacles when passing the border, the creation of uncomfortable conditions ...

Border , border closure , EU , Belarus , petrovsky

Belarus’ Investigative Committee on refugee who died on border from Latvian security forces’ actions: victim of inhumanity

... foreigner was found by Belarusian border guards in the Braslav District ... of March 3rd by Belarusian border guards in the Verkhnedvinsk District ... near the border,” the Investigative Committee noted. An ...

Belarus , refugees , border , Investigative Committee

State Border Committee: Latvian security forces ousted another corpse of a refugee on Belarus’ territory

... with reference to the State Border Committee On afternoon of March ... 2nd, the Belarusian border patrol found three refugees in ... the Verkhnedvinsk District near the border with Latvia, one of them ... was already dead. “The border guards immediately called a medical ... with the body to the border then and ousted them through ... the Latvian section of the border.

refugees , border , Belarus , latvia

Expert on closure of checkpoints with Belarus: Lithuania follows instructions of Brussels, London and Washington

... unilaterally closes checkpoints on the border with Belarus. In addition, restrictions ... a ban on crossing the border for cyclists through the Belarusian ... were being built on the border area between Poland, the Baltic ... are talking here about the border militarisation, the deployment of a ... five Lithuanian residents crossed the border on a visa-free regime ... affect people living in the border area. “There has always been ... are told to close [the border], they perform this – despite all ...

Belarus , lithuania , checkpoint , border , avdonin , opinion

Asylum seekers in EU reached 7-year high in 2023

... Executive Director of the European Border and Coast Guard Agency (Frontex ...

EU , migrants , border

Poll: 53% of Americans support building border wall with Mexico

... of a wall on the border with Mexico as a measure ... a wall along the US border with Mexico while 46 percent ... building a wall on the border with Mexico, 48 percent of ... of Americans say the southern border security bill is ‘not tough ... urge Congress to approve a border security bill. The Republican opposition ... decisive. The situation on the border with Mexico, through which millions ... roads along the international land border in Starr County, Texas’. The ... built to seal off the border with Mexico and stop the ...

US , Mexico , border , wall , migration

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