Posted: 05.03.2024 18:17:57

Expert: residents of Baltic States and Poland saw real situation in Belarus

Belarus is being artificially created as an enemy in the eyes of foreigners. The response to the extension of the visa-free regime by the Belarusian side was another batch of closed border crossings. Since March 1st, the work of two more checkpoints, Lavoriskes-Kotlovka and Raigardas-Privalka, has been stopped. Despite the fact that since the beginning of the year, more than 40,000 EU citizens have arrived in our country under a visa-free regime, and since the simplified border crossing regime has been in effect – over 840,000, the Lithuanian side continues to bring down the iron curtain. Political scientist Piotr Petrovsky explained what causes unfriendly actions of the nearest neighbours, reports.

“The fact that Belarus, by opening its borders, conducts a benevolent policy towards all countries makes the West very nervous: why should more and more EU residents, and not only them, find out the truth about Belarus? Therefore, it continues, including by other people's hands, to create an image of the enemy from Belarus. However, it is very difficult to do this, since many residents of the Baltic States and Poland have already seen with their own eyes the real situation in Belarus. Attempts to create all sorts of demonic myths about Belarus are already destroyed in the process of their development, because the realities destroy all the negativity. The closure of regular checkpoints, artificial obstacles when passing the border, the creation of uncomfortable conditions for tourists, and so on – all this is done in order to discourage Baltic and Polish residents from travelling to Belarus and communicating with its people,” Piotr Petrovsky stated. 

“In fact, such measures can be called a hybrid attempt to build an iron curtain. The collective West and its satellites do not dare to close the borders directly and overnight, as this will be a very tangible blow to their ‘values’. Indeed, the EU legislation provides for the right to freedom of movement for its citizens, so the authorities cannot openly prohibit people from travelling to Belarus. Therefore, there are ridiculous reasons for closing borders and various hybrid solutions, allegedly related to security. But those who have visited our country and managed to form their own opinion will not be stopped by artificial borders,” Piotr Petrovsky added.