Posted: 06.03.2024 11:09:00

Over five years, Latvia to spend €300m+ to strengthen its eastern border

The Latvian government will spend €303m on strengthening its eastern border over the next five years – as part of a joint ‘defence line’ of the three Baltic States, TASS reports


“The plan for protecting the eastern border has been approved. <...> €303m is provided for the implementation of this plan over five years,” Latvian Defence Minister Andris Spruds wrote on his X (formerly Twitter) account.

The Delfi portal also reports that this money will be used to create ‘defensive positions, various barriers, anti-tank ditches, ammunition and mine depots’ along the ‘entire border’ with Russia and Belarus. The construction work will be launched in March.

Earlier, on January 19th, the Estonian Defence Ministry announced that the Baltic States had agreed to create a ‘defence line’ on the border with Russia. Latvian Defence Ministry underlined that establishing a ‘defensive zone consisting of various defensive installations’ is aimed ‘to deter and, if necessary, defend against military threats’.