Posted: 29.03.2024 12:54:00

Expert explained why border mining to become starting response to military aggression against Belarus

Practice has shown that modern warfare is a fight of skills and abilities of ordinary soldiers. Latest weapons pay a minor decisive role, while mines have not lost their relevance at all. In his talk with Alfa Radio, political expert Piotr Petrovsky speculated on the topic.

As noted by the expert, mines are not outdated at present. “It is no need to be afraid of using them. Let me remind you how the Polish strategy has changed after the NATO summit. Since Belarus possesses tactical nuclear weapons, Poles have decided that – instead of offensive units – they need sappers to mine the Suwalki Gap. In short, NATO members admit that mines are effective,” he said.

Mr. Petrovsky recalled the warning of Belarus’ President: fortification and mining of the relevant border territories will become the first response to any attempts of aggression against the republic. “We do not think over any attack on anyone, it’s beyond our imagination. We have no plans to create units for an offensive. We have different thoughts: how to prevent a breakthrough and aggression towards our territory,” he explained.

According to the expert, the NATO intelligence service will definitely draw the appropriate conclusions – ‘so that it knows: it's better not to go here, otherwise we will all be blown up by mines, we will get into a cauldron, and no one will survive’. “This happened once, and we remember such facts in history,” he added.