Posted: 04.03.2024 17:28:00

Belarus’ Investigative Committee on refugee who died on border from Latvian security forces’ actions: victim of inhumanity

The lives of the Middle East representatives are worth nothing to armed Latvian mercenaries, with the country’s particularly cynical migration policy resulting in a murder and violence against migrants – as reported by the Investigative Committee of Belarus

On February 29th, a beaten foreigner was found by Belarusian border guards in the Braslav District.

“The victim was taken to a healthcare facility, where he was provided with medical aid. During the interrogation, the 52-year-old Syrian told investigators that he asked for help in Latvia, but he was refused and severely beaten, his mobile phone was broken and he was forced out to Belarus. The body of the second victim of ‘racial filtration’ was discovered on the afternoon of March 3rd by Belarusian border guards in the Verkhnedvinsk District near the border,” the Investigative Committee noted.

An investigative team worked at the scene, carrying out an inspection. A forensic medical examination has been ordered to determine the exact cause of death, with one victim questioned.

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“The investigation into the criminal case against Latvian officials for crimes against the security of humanity continues,” the Investigative Committee noted.