Posted: 11.03.2024 17:10:36

Belarusian border guards found two dead refugees and beaten foreigner on border with Poland and Latvia

On the border of Belarus with Poland and Latvia, two dead of refugees and one fact of ousting a beaten foreigner into the territory of Belarus were recorded from March 9th to 10th, reports with reference to the Telegram channel of the State Border Committee


The first incident occurred on March 9th, at the border with Poland. Belarusian border guards found the body of a completely undressed refugee, whose bruises and abrasions were clearly visible. The deceased was near the gate for animals of the Polish fence.

On March 10th, Belarusian border guards recorded two cases of inhumane treatment of refugees at different sections of the border with Latvia.

First, the Belarusian servicemen found a man who was in a state of shock. The foreigner noted that Latvian security forces detained him and severely beat him. In addition to physical violence, they broke the refugee's phone and pushed the man over the fence without food and water. The foreigner suffered haematomas from multiple blows to his neck, arms and legs. Medics arrived at the scene to provide assistance, and then the victim was taken to the Verkhnedvinsk Central District Hospital.

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Half an hour later, Belarusian border guards found the second refugee, whose body was near the gate in the Latvian fence. The medics who arrived at the scene confirmed the refugee’s death.

The State Border Committee noted that since the beginning of 2023, four refugees have died on the border with Belarus because of the migration policy of the European Union: two migrants found dead on the border with Poland, two more on the Latvian route.