Belarusians are very responsive to others’ grief

... Belarusian Red Cross Society, Dmitry Shevtsov, in his talk with the ... , many people respond," Mr. Shevtsov said. Recalling the situation with ... short period of time. Mr. Shevtsov added that all those concerned ...

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409 refugees from the Middle East stay at Bruzgi logistics hub

... Belarus Red Cross Society, Dmitry Shevtsov, spoke about the assistance provided ...

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EU to be able to accept refugees from Ukraine for only several more weeks, expert says

... stated by political analyst Yuri Shevtsov during his talk with Alfa ... the EU border points,” Mr. Shevtsov commented. “To be more exact ... safely accept: 5-7m. Mr. Shevtsov explained that, with such figures ... be not so easy,” Mr. Shevtsov emphasised.

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Shevtsov: Ukrainian refugees will be poor in Europe

... raised by political analyst Yuri Shevtsov in his talk with Alfa ... Euros per person.” As Mr. Shevtsov underlined, it would not be ...

Shevtsov , Ukraine , EU , refugees

Shevtsov: exercises cause hysterics in the West

... against this background, said Yuri Shevtsov, Director of the Centre for ...


Shevtsov: confirmation of Czeczko’s facts will mean reanimation of fascism

... talk to Alfa Radio , Dmitry Shevtsov, the Secretary General of the ... interesting facts over time,” Mr. Shevtsov stated. According to the Secretary ...

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We witness Europe’s sunset, believes Secretary General of Belarus Red Cross

... talk to Alfa Radio , Dmitry Shevtsov, the Secretary General of the ... the whole country," Mr. Shevtsov noted. “As you know, the ...

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Shevtsov about helping refugees in crisis centre

... the Belarus Red Cross, Dmitry Shevtsov, told Alfa Radio how assistance ... the kindest people,” noted Mr. Shevtsov.

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