Posted: 25.12.2023 13:37:00

Opinion: many international organisations today unable to properly perform their functions

Today we see all the signs of an acute crisis in international organisations that regulate relations between states at various levels. According to political scientist Yuri Shevtsov, it’s obvious that the system that operates in the world at the moment is gradually losing its effectiveness.

“At the same time, we do not yet see an efficient alternative to the fading institutions, since the new balance of world forces has not yet fully emerged. It is this new balance that will determine what international law will be and by what principles the relations between countries will be built. In the meantime, the international community is actually on the ruins of the unipolar system that appeared after the USSR collapse. Today, many – out of inertia, and sometimes even naivety – continue to perceive international organisations as structures capable of solving serious problems that arise in the process of relations between states. Yes, this was the case at the time when they were established – after the final defeat of fascism in 1945 – but today the situation has changed. The same UN cannot be currently perceived as a humanistic instrument for preventing war. Where was it, e.g. during the start of the bombing of Yugoslavia or during the aggressions in Iraq, Syria and other countries?” underlined the political expert.