Posted: 15.09.2023 09:37:00

Expert explained what kind of war Poland can start against Belarus

Belarus’ security is more or less ensured, since tactical nuclear weapons are located on its territory. For this reason, NATO or the United States are unlikely to welcome Poland's war against Belarus and Russia, but the threat of a border or military-terrorist war is high. Political expert Yuri Shevtsov commented on the issue.

There is no total militarisation of society in Belarus, as in Poland, but the country’s security is ensured – thanks to the deployed tactical nuclear weapons brought from Russia.

“NATO and the United States are not interested in a war with involvement of nuclear weapons, since the consequences will be catastrophic. The probability of Poland’s direct military attack on Belarus is low, but the threat of a border, military-terrorist war is real. Moreover, it can come from any number of directions," Mr. Shevtsov noted in his talk with Alfa Radio.

Commenting on the State Security Committee’s recent prevention of a terrorist attack in Belarus [agents of Security Service of Ukraine planned to blow passenger trains up], the expert expressed confidence that the sabotage will continue, “All countries neighbouring warring states face similar problems. This is the law of world politics. There is a destructive war going on in Ukraine, and something will definitely reach Belarus. This will last long.”